Tankless Water Heaters are Here to Stay

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The world is changing and new technology is taking over slowly with a promise to make life easier than ever. Convenience and faster gratification are what matters today when purchasing any product. As a homeowner, you deserve to be able to take a warm shower whenever you need it.

The tankless water heater is the latest water heating technology that you need to have in your home. Many people are used to traditional tank water heaters which have been used for decades but now tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity. Ask anyone who’s switched to a tankless model and they’ll confirm how effective and convenient they are, even more than the tank water heaters.

What are some benefits of the tankless water heater?

Sometimes it can be hard to convince people to adopt a new technology since they are used to the old one. The same applies to tankless water heaters. Some people are simply comfortable with their old tank water heater, but most who have tried tankless never want to go back to the old way.

Tankless water heaters can be powered by natural gas, electricity or even the solar power. There is a big difference when it comes to advantages of using a tankless water heater over the tank water heater. Below are some comparisons:

Image credit: Water Heater Hub

Energy saving

Tankless water heaters just like the name have no tank, meaning you will only heat the water when you need it. No water continues to heat when you don’t need it which is the case if you are using the tank water heater. In short, you save a lot of energy when using a tankless model unlike when using tank water heater where there is standby heat loss.

Instant Hot Water

Tankless water heaters will provide you with hot water when you need it, unlike a water tank heater where the water is always heated. Yes the hot water still has to travel the length of the pipes in either case, but with a tankless model, you’ll get hot water anytime versus having to wait for a tank model to heat up the water within if there’s not enough hot water.

  • Tank: sometimes you will have to fill the tank with water and reheat in case it runs out which can be time wasting.
  • Tankless: the only limitation you will experience here is the amount of appliances using the hot water at the same time.


There is a very big difference when it comes to sizes of the two products. Consider the space you have in your garage or home before making a decision on what water heater to purchase.

  • Tank: Usually 4 to 6 feet high with at least 40-70 gallon capacity, which means you will need to allocate enough space if you wish to install this water heater in your house.
  • Tankless: these models can be mounted to a wall and work effectively. You won’t even need a square foot space to install them.


Every product has a lifespan and tankless water heaters are not any different. However, you’ll generally get a few more years out of them versus tank models.

  • Tank: a good quality tank water heater will serve you for around 8 years and if you are lucky you can enjoy them for 12 years. After that, water heater leaks begin to get more common as the tank gets old.
  • Tankless: the amazing part of these water heaters is that they will typically serve you for over 20 years before they start developing any problems.

In summary, you have enough reason to shift today from tank to tankless water heaters. If you are building your house then you should most definitely consider a tankless model and enjoy the value for your money. Consult plumbing experts (or neighbors who have a tankless) to help you get the best tankless water heater for your home.