Granite vs Quartz Countertops: Which is Better?

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Over the last 20 years, kitchen work surfaces have changed a lot. Gone now are the marble, granite and quartz effect synthetic worktops and in their place have come granite and quartz stone worktops, two very robust and hard stones perfect for any kitchen within the home.

Between the two, though, which is better? Well although they may appear similar to the eye, there are certain aspects of both which are better than the other.


Granite countertops are considered high-end and are incredibly fashionable within the US right now… the preferred choice for new home builders. This is down to a few reasons, however the combination of them looking fantastic under all light and being extremely easy to clean is a major buying factor.

The problem with granite worktops though is that they are not the most durable. While granite is a hard, heavy stone, it actually isn’t the most durable surface in the world. Typical scenarios where granite is susceptible to damage include placing a hot pan on the surface, dropping a large weight on a corner and scratching the surface under extreme stress. Unlike wood, which can be sanded down, granite can not be refurbished easily.


Quartz countertops are not an earth-grown organic stone, and are in fact artificial. However, you wouldn’t think that from looking at it. Due to this, quartz is available in a huge variety of color and designs and sometimes can even be custom built.

A key advantage to quartz over granite is that it is a much more durable material due to quartz having an even amount of iron content across one slab so it is completely non-porous – making it ideal for cleanliness and maintenance. Like granite, quartz is an incredibly desirable work surface within the home.

Which is Better?

Granite is a natural stone whilst quartz is an engineered stone. For the purists, granite is going to be the clear choice just for status reasons, however the smart person would pick quartz due to it being a non-porous stone and it also being a lot more durable than granite thanks to it having an equal amount of iron content throughout the board.


Price wise, both granite and quartz are expensive. Many prefer the unique, natural designs of granite but others prefer the durability and clean look of quartz.  Essentially, you should make the best decision for you based on what’s more important. Re-sale wise, granite still holds a slight edge over quartz when it comes to increasing the value of your home but most buyers are completely happy with either surface.

In addition, regular sealing of a granite surface is recommended where quartz is not necessary so there is some maintenance involved. Otherwise, a granite surface can permanently stain or even attract odors where no amount of mothballs can get rid of the smell.

Overall fashion tends to change over time, so while granite may seem the most popular right now, it may not be next year. If it were me choosing a surface for my countertop right now, I would opt for a quartz surface based on its durability, low maintenance, and clean, consistent designs.