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Can anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?
November 24, 2009  |  Fun

I’m so glad that SDOT is doing such a good job taking care of our little neighborhood. Our lights at the intersection of 2nd and Washington were having some problems, so they came and fixed them.

It’s good to know that we’ve been walking across intersections incorrectly all these years. Now, when you cross the street in P2, please make sure that you obey this sign:


(Editor’s note: No, this photo has not been photoshopped or manipulated to flip the walker upside down. Yes, this really happened.).


Someone using the new walking sign correctly:


I hope that SDOT leaves this up the way it is. Who knows, it may become something fun for people to stop by and take their picture with. Do you think it poses a legal risk to SDOT? I’m thinking of contacting them and requesting they leave it.



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