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Thriller in Occidental Square
October 27, 2009  |  Event

We only live a block from Occidental Square, so we moseyed down there at 5:28 to find the park packed with people! Part of it is that Thrill the World was scheduled 30 min before the Sounders pregame march at 6pm.


Because we were so late, we only had a side view of the dance, but it was still an amazing atmosphere. I’m thinking that the people leading the dance should have told people to get more in character. There were zombies giggling and waving to fans, etc. Totally inappropriate behavior for dancing zombies.


Probably my favorite part of the dance was before anything happened, and they all laid down, this girl right in front of us (must be a dancer or a gymnast, or something bendy). She truly embodied the spirit of the thriller zombie.


(note: I left in the creepy eyes of the person above her for dramatic effect)

Without further commentary (which I know you’ll miss), here are some more pictures from the event. The only thing I regret is not going early enough to get everything from the front instead of the side.





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