Storefronts Seattle announces Call for Artists
February 9, 2012  |  Art, Call to Action, PI

Projects of all Types Accepted in Three Program Tracks
2012-2013 Projects in Various Seattle Neighborhoods

Storefronts Seattle is proud to announce the opening of the Request for Proposals for their 2012 project roster. Artists are sought to develop projects for vacant storefront spaces in various Seattle neighborhoods, including Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Pioneer Square, the Chinatown- International District, and Rainier Beach.

Storefronts is accepting applications in three tracks, open to all artists and arts groups. The Installation track is for artworks and installations in any two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or new media. The Artist Residency track is for visual, performing, cinematic, and other artists to create work, rehearse, and collaborate in vacant storefronts. The Creative Enterprise track provides a storefront as a place to experiment and test out new and creative business ideas, such as a retail art gallery, boutique, museum, or other publicly accessible project.

Artists selected for the Installation track will receive between $250 and $1,000 to support their work. Participants in all tracks will receive the use of a retail storefront space at no cost for three months, with a possible extension in the Creative Enterprise track.

This Request for Proposals is intended to create a roster of projects from which to program storefront spaces as they become available. Roster inclusion does not guarantee placement in the program.

Application Deadline is 11pm, Wednesday February 22, 2012.

Links to applications for all three tracks are available at


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