Lazarus + Fortson “Square”
September 25, 2009  |  Complaining, Homeless

Why the city keeps calling city corners or city triangles “squares” is beyond me. Occidental Square, yes, you can have that. You are correct that it is (mostly) square. But Fortson Square?

For those of you who don’t know, Fortson Square is the corner of 2nd and Yesler, and features the stone “art” that has been around for about 10 years. A sculpture that was not meant to be sat on is the gathering place for most of the people who are part of Lazarus. Not to mention the 5 million other complaints against the center (which the Archdioses does nothing about), there are two major complaints I find absolutely ridiculous. The complaints aren’t ridiculous, the fact that it’s happening is ridiculous and that they refuse to do anything about it.

If you walk past the square in the morning, you will see the guys waiting in line to enter the Lazarus Day Center. What many of the guys have started doing is taking bricks from the stone path in Fortson Square to hold their place in line. Is this another one of my witty jokes? No, absolutely not. Here’s a picture to prove it:

Fulston Square

The second complaint? The hundreds of cigarette butts littered throughout the square. Is it so much to ask the guys of Lazarus to keep their “hangout” cleaned up? Lisa (PSCA) is getting a bucket with sand for them to put out their cigarettes. We’ll see if it cleans the corner up.




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