Glee Flash Mob in Occidental Mall
April 10, 2010  |  Event, Fun, PI

Just to get this out of the way: I love Glee.

When the Glee flash mob was announced on the Seattle PI and Publicola, someone astutely observed that this was less of a flash mob and more of a promotion for Glee’s new season. Which is OK with me — I kind of hoped/assumed that they would end up in Pioneer Square and kept my eye on twitter. As soon as the three locations popped up (Westlake, the Space Needle, and Pioneer Square), I tweeted it and headed over to Occidental Mall, which was already packed. People were milling around in front of Caffe Umbria, Tether Design, and some of the other galleries in the mall, chatting and laughing with each other.

And then the music began.


At first, I was surprised that it was such a small group that was actually participating in the flash mob — the crowd was gathered around, and it was hard to see. After the first number, the crowd turned in to the participants and the mall was filled with people dancing to the sound of Glee.




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