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If I didn’t live in the Square I would be entirely unaware that the Seattle Seahawks are playing this Super Bowl Sunday. But I do live here and have learned that a tremendous number of people will battle traffic in order to fit themselves into bars to watch the games and that many people actually move into the neighborhood expressly to be near the arena and their team. It’s a complete mystery to me.

People of Pioneer Square: I don’t know how to play football, I don’t care about how to play football and I don’t particularly appreciate the aftermath that a game of football leaves on my doorstep each following morning. It was around this same time last year however, that I decided I love the Seahawks.

Before last year’s Super Bowl I was unpleasantly awakened by a conflagration of Seahawks fans hollering below my windows at 2am thanks to a live broadcast by an East Coast morning show. Further rest was clearly no longer possible and while listening to the pre camera light fluffer ginning up bellowing cheers from 100’s of fans who came out with their children to be seen in support of their team at an absurd hour during the work week, I contemplated my choices. What I chose is love over hate. I decided then that I was living in Rome and I would love my coliseum and its gladiator Seahawks and these are the reasons why.

I have a laugh every time passersby assume that my dog is named in honor of our cornerback. The team’s athleticism isn’t simply about knuckle dragging power, they move really really fast and with superb grace. I also enjoy that they stick together and can be humble enough to share victory with all of team members. And I particularly love the mischief incited by some players. Marshawn Lynch elevates his distaste for public speaking to high levels of performance art and during his interviews; Richard Sherman develops a creeping wicked grin that seems to reveal some true feelings about exchanges with the media.

So while the probability that I will ever attend a football game is infinitesimally small and certainly I will not wear any jerseys or gear, on this Sunday I will absolutely drink heartily with friends our eyes fixed at a television. And I will cheer our team on like most everyone else in the neighborhood. Patriots fans beware: this community is small and we know who you are.

Bring on the Beastmode and knock those Patriots down! #GoHawks #SuperBowl2015


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