The Results Are In!

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by RaNae Vodder

Last week I posted a survey link on  Nextdoor asking Pioneer Square residents to share their favorite local eateries for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour.

As I review the responses of my “not exactly scientific or statistically significant” survey, I can’t help but see some interesting trends.  What I don’t know is if the trends are influencing the neighborhood or does the neighborhood influence the trends?

Best Place for Breakfast: You said that you love the service and diner food at Planet Java Diner.  They won this category plates down with the most votes for breakfast and the most votes overall!!

Best Place for Lunch:  This was a three way tie!  We love great sandwiches and just couldn’t decide between Delicatus and Rain Shadow MeatsSprout jumped into the mix because it is both delicious and healthy.

Best Place for Happy Hour:  1st Avenue has both of your favorite places Intermezzo for its class and E Smith Mercantile for their craft cocktails.  Great things seem to be happening ’round here!

Best Place for Dinner:  It shouldn’t be a surprise that the favorite dinner spot is Il Terrazzo Carmine.  When the sun goes down, the locals hit the bar at Carmines (we know you’re not from around here if you call it anything else).

Thank you neighbors for providing your recommendations!  Your friendly Pioneer Square bloggers will use the information to add fodder as we write regular posts about “Fare in the Square”.








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