As I’ve been doing the blog for 1 ½ years now, it’s probably about time I update the About page.

The first time around, it had more jokes about our fish than actual info. Besides, we don’t even have the original fish. We lost them in what we call the “Great Heat Wave” of 2010.


My name is Jen. I’m an East Coaster who loves living in Pioneer Square for the following reasons:

– I’m a runner and it takes me only three blocks to get to the Waterfront
– Sports. (Need I say more?)
– Our amazing loft-style apartment
– The feeling of being in a neighborhood, but still actually in a city (and all the benefits that come with that)

Those are the main ones, but you can read the pros and cons list I made shortly after moving down here.

I have a great job working as a Marketing + Business Development Lead at an architecture firm downtown. My husband Mike (who likes to pretend he helps with the blog), is from Redmond, and works as a COO at a leading social media firm, also downtown.

Boards/Committees I’m involved in: DSA Marketing + Promotions, co-lead of PSq Promotions Committee, Pioneer Square Residential Council, Historic South Downtown Board, The Alliance for Pioneer Square Board*

*the opinions on the blog are mine and shouldn’t be construed as the opinions of any organization listed above.

Why did you start the blog?

We moved down here, instantly fell in love with the neighborhood and wanted to learn about it: the people on the streets, the businesses struggling to survive, the clubs trying to fit with the community, and the residents who want a great place to live.

I figured if I was already doing the work to find the info, I might as well start sharing it. And in doing so, I hope to bring the community of business owners and residents closer together, because we all have the same goal, which is encapsulated in this position statement (made by members of the Promotions Committee):

Pioneer Square is a historic and creative commercial district that offers visitors the widest variety of entertainment and commercial options in Seattle because artists, sports teams, restaurants, entertainment venues and one-of-a-kind retailers have chosen Pioneer Square as their home.


Twitter: @thenewp2
Facebook: Pioneer Square, Seattle
LinkedIn: Jen’s Profile

Or go to the Contact Page for more

What can I do to help the neighborhood?
  • Volunteer
  • If you’re a resident, join the Pioneer Square Residential Council (for more info, email
  • Get out into the neighborhood! The more public spaces we take over, the less public spaces the drug dealers have to sell their wares.
  • Join a committee. There are at least four committees currently operating. See the calendar for meeting times and details or email
  • Call 911. Seriously – call whenever you even suspect suspicious behavior. Even if the police don’t make it in time to stop the crime, they log where criminal activity has increased or mark problem areas.
  • Send me info to add to the blog! I can’t be everywhere at once.