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Out of Sight Seattle

July 29, 2015  |  Art, Event, PI  |  2 comments

by Courtney Crockett

When out walking last night I ventured a look into the upper windows of King Street Station, and I could see tiny human forms still busy transforming the interior space for this weekend’s gigantic art exhibition Out of Sight. In the true spirit of an arts community, King Street Station has been a hive of art and action with volunteers rehabbing and rebuilding the interior 24,000 foot space for the arts collective and its opening event tomorrow.

King Street Station InteriorIndependently run and funded Vital5Productionsfounder Greg Lundgren has been working tirelessly to reform the neglected and sizable third floor of King Street Station into an art exhibition this weekend. The curatorial team includes Kirsten Anderson and Sharon Arnold from Pioneer Square gallery Roq la Rue, and Sierra Stinson to organize and facilitate this alternative arts effort that features 110 Pacific Northwest artists. Out of Sight is running in conjunction with and in response to the more well funded Seattle Art Fair over the same weekend. Born of the notion that many Seattle artists would lack exposure there, Lundgren secured a lease and a key to the historic station. The key appeared prominently on social media more than a month ago.

The opening night celebration kicks off with Derek Erdman spinning records along with special performances by Doug Newman and Mal DeFleur.

Word is Lundgren plans to make this an annual event. Great news for Seattle arts, the underused King Street Station and Pioneer Square. Come out and make it happen.



Thursday 30 July – Preview and Grand Opening Party
Ages 21 and over only, tickets include one re-entry over the weekend
7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Friday 31 July and Saturday 1 August – $10 Admission
Exhibition Hours 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm with Happy Hour Bar Service from 5 til 8

Sunday 2 August – $10 Admission
Exhibition Hours 10:00 am – 6:00 pm with Swedish Pancake Brunch from 10 til 2


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Off-Leash Dog Park for Pioneer Square?

July 29, 2015  |  PI, PSq Revitalization, Residents  |  2 comments

by Courtney Crockett

As anyone who moves to Pioneer Square quickly discovers, the only grassy knoll available for dogs to romp and survey the world resides at Century Link Field. In moving here nearly 10 years ago, it immediately became my destination for walking my dogs as well as forging community. And for a time, we local dog owners shared what felt like a hidden secret that allowed for us and our dogs to engage in unplanned but regular play dates. It was the entirely unofficial place to be for integrating your dog with other neighborhood dogs and generating new friendships with neighbors.

Yet, the rapidly growing population of residents and dog-friendly businesses has wrought changes since and each day brings a new or different dog and person to meet. The small green swath of land is less social stomping ground and more vital and essential territory for any Pioneer Square dog owner. The demands of our community suggest a more open and larger green area would better serve the neighborhood.

The timing is impeccable then that Seattle Parks and Recreation is currently collecting data to help meet the increasing needs of Seattle dogs and their owners. The department is asking for your input in order to develop a long term plan for dog parks and services. Complete the survey and we could have our very own off-leash dog park in Pioneer Square. Read more about Seattle Parks and Recreation Off- Leash Project and opt-in for updates as the project moves forward.

The off-leash survey is also found at Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA). Additionally, COLA offers advocacy and information on Seattle area dog parks and events. Follow them @seattlecola.


Musings about a Rainy Sunday in Pioneer Square

July 29, 2015  |  Fun, Personal  |  No Comments

by RaNae Vodder

I have to admit that I was one of the few people who were a little stressed out that it was actually going to rain last Sunday.  My friends spoke to being relieved for their gardens and felt like we were “due”.  But, it had been so long since we have seen or felt the rain around here, I wasn’t sure about how I felt about it or how to get ready for the next week in this new environment of wet. My husband and I talked through various alternatives to accomplish our tasks, we could leave now, or not leave now….skip the errands and stay home….  We finally decided to get dressed and head out when the weather app said there is a 90% chance of rain at noon with the goal of returning home before it started (we are early risers).

I don’t remember ever being quite so concerned about the rain before, I own a great rain coat, matching rain boots, multiple sizes and shapes of umbrellas, a plethora of hats and my hair doesn’t look too bad curly, so what was I so stressed out about??  I am a born and raised Pacific North Westerner and I was acting like it was my first season here!  The good news is the rain held off, we completed our errands and got home with time to spare.  This is when the musing started………What could I do in the rain on a Sunday afternoon in Pioneer Square?  I quickly realized there were too many options so I limited it to activities that were no more than $10.

Here is my list (note that all of these activities allowed me to be able to linger somewhere dry):

  • Visit a local coffee shop, we have many and they are all pretty great!
  • Buy a used book, I love to read, anything from mysteries to fantasy to biographies, we got it covered here.
  • Visit the Klondike Museum, been there, done that and got the cancellation stamp to prove it.
  • Say hello to favorite bartenders at Elysian Fields, good people serving good beer.
  • Get on the Light Rail and ride it to the airport and back, always someone interesting to have a conversation with.
  • Go the gym, technically, membership is more than $10 so broke it down by the day and it was almost like they paid me to go the gym!
  • Look at new Seahawks gear at Century Link, still waiting to see what happens with Russell, good place to talk about it.
  • Hang out with the boys at Intrigue Chocolates- they are generous samplers, should have put this at the top of the list!
  • Sit on the deck and call a long lost friend, not sure if remember anyone’s phone number though.
  • Help people navigate King Street Station, wouldn’t it be noble to save someone from boarding the wrong train!

So what did I miss?  What do you do on a rainy Sunday in Pioneer Square?


Dancing til Dusk in Occidental Park

July 19, 2015  |  Event, Fun  |  6 comments

Chicarra Tango

by RaNae Vodder

My husband and I went for a walk down Occidental Thursday night and were surprised to see strings of pretty lights and people doing the tango in Occidental Park! There was live music, people of all skill levels dancing and a diverse audience of bystanders. It looked like so much fun I just had to know more. The program is called Dancing til Dusk  and is 15 nights of dancing outdoors on a real dance floor.  The first hour is a beginning dance lesson, with no experience or partner required.  Unfortunately, the two dates of Dancing til Dusk in Occidental Park have passed but there are 12 more nights planned over the summer in Westlake Park, Bell Street Park and Freeway Park.   Check out the dates, locations and themes by clicking on Dancing til Dusk.  I am a big a fan of our Seattle parks and loved seeing our own Occidental Park so vibrant and festive on a perfect summer evening!


Loggers and Lagers Pub Crawl

July 16, 2015  |  Event, Fun, PI  |  No Comments

by Beth Berube

Mark your calendar! July 25th is the first annual Pioneer Square pub crawl. This year’s theme is Loggers and Lagers in commemoration of the early years of this gem of a district. Yesler Avenue, once known as Skid Road, was home to Yesler’s lumber mill. Logs were skidded down the hill and used in the construction of the new city. That was 1853 when the land was raw and so was it men. Lumberjacks and lumberjills are encouraged to deck out in woodsman swag and salute a centennial and a half of history by raising glasses at each of the six crawl venues. There will be cool prizes, drink specials and contests along the way.
Visit for updates, contest information and participating locations. 21 and over only, ticket required.

Get Your Cherries On!

July 1, 2015  |  Food, PI  |  2 comments

by Courtney Crockett

A gentle reminder to visit the neighborhood Farmers Market Express on Wednesday 1 July. An amazing array of brightly colored flowers, berries and cherries, summer vegetables, honey and jam,  and freshly made tamales.

Participants This Week Include:

  • Shong Chao’s Farm – Flowers and Produce
  • Chue Neng Cha Farm – Flowers and Produce
  • Martin Family Orchards – Orchard Fruit and Cider
  • Sidhu Farms – Berries, Honey and Jam
  • Magana Farms – Orchard Fruit and Produce
  • Lyall Farm – Orchard Fruit and Produce
  • El Chito – Tamales

The Pioneer Square / ID farmers market is open every Wednesday through 1 October from 10 am – 2 pm and located at King Street Station Plaza on 3rd Ave S and S Jackson St.

Credit and Debit cards accepted. The Express markets also operate as members of the Washington State Farmers Market Association. Fresh Bucks SNAP matching is offered at all Pike Place Market farmers markets.

Find additional information here at