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The Results Are In!

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by RaNae Vodder

Last week I posted a survey link on  Nextdoor asking Pioneer Square residents to share their favorite local eateries for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour.

As I review the responses of my “not exactly scientific or statistically significant” survey, I can’t help but see some interesting trends.  What I don’t know is if the trends are influencing the neighborhood or does the neighborhood influence the trends?

Best Place for Breakfast: You said that you love the service and diner food at Planet Java Diner.  They won this category plates down with the most votes for breakfast and the most votes overall!!

Best Place for Lunch:  This was a three way tie!  We love great sandwiches and just couldn’t decide between Delicatus and Rain Shadow MeatsSprout jumped into the mix because it is both delicious and healthy.

Best Place for Happy Hour:  1st Avenue has both of your favorite places Intermezzo for its class and E Smith Mercantile for their craft cocktails.  Great things seem to be happening ’round here!

Best Place for Dinner:  It shouldn’t be a surprise that the favorite dinner spot is Il Terrazzo Carmine.  When the sun goes down, the locals hit the bar at Carmines (we know you’re not from around here if you call it anything else).

Thank you neighbors for providing your recommendations!  Your friendly Pioneer Square bloggers will use the information to add fodder as we write regular posts about “Fare in the Square”.








More than bats in The Belfry

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By Beth Berube

“Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing.”

A Macbeth witch seeking essentials for a potion might find at least some of these ingredients arranged methodically on armoire shelves inside this oddball boutique. Allow me to introduce you to The Belfry. It can be found at 309 A 3rd Avenue South, next to the Police Museum. It is a delightfully wacky, yet well-organized shop, showcasing captivating and sometimes creepy collectibles.


Christian and Jessica Harding, owners of The Belfy, opened their store in 2012. They buy many of their objects d’arte from museums in Europe. The acquisitions are either antique (over 100 years old) or vintage (over 20 years old).

Does an iridescent beetle or a bristly bat, entombed in clear resin caskets, suit your fancy? If taxidermy is up your alley, or more precisely — down your hallway, you are in luck. Here you can find an assortment of lifelike animals, or parts of animals, in natural forest poses.

BelfryAntalopeWhen I visited, I saw an antelope mount. Actually, it was the front half of an antelope, with legs and all. It appeared to be bounding through the Police Museum wall, as if the museum director was prodding the poor creature from behind.

Victorian mourning wreathI was drawn to a Victorian Mourning Wreath made of human hair and displayed inside a shadow box. Its woven curls and twisted strands resembled the fine detail of Chantilly lace. Christian explained that wreaths could have been fashioned solely from the hair of the deceased or a composite of the entire family, and this one was made here in Seattle!

If you are a doctor looking for a human skeleton to hang in your office or a medicine man in search of a charming owl skull replica on a chain, a visit here is worth your while. But, no matter “which doctor” you are, quell your curiosity and check out quaint curios in this eccentric emporium and definitely bring the kids. They will love it.

The website for The Belfry is

Singing on the Square

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By Sarah NortonCherryBlossoms

It’s spring and there’s music in the air — your neighbors are singing this coming Monday, May 11th, at Café Paloma, just across from the Pergola. The program will begin at 7:00 pm with two young pianists, and then moves to a menu of jazz, swing, and latin favorites, sung by Pioneer Square residents and one friend who admits to living in Everett. Two ensemble numbers will round out the program.


The director and vocal coach is Nile Norton, a retired singer and choral conductor who hasn’t figured out what “retired” means. He was the force behind the Pioneer Square Caroling group last winter — and is recruiting more singers for this coming fall.

If you haven’t visited it yet, the Mediterranean menu at Café Paloma is outstanding — you must try Sedat’s Falafel, which is the best in town! The restaurant is usually closed for dinner on Mondays, but Sadat loves to use his stage and venue to entertain, so drinks and food will be available — there’s no cover charge.

Come and join in on the fun!

Velouria First Thursday Art Walk Event

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velouria shop

Velouria First Thursday Art Walk Event on 7 May from 6-9 pm

by Courtney Crockett

beth naumann - velouria

lu - velouria

One of our lovely neighborhood retail stores, Velouria is having an event this First Thursday Art Walk as part of an ongoing curatory collaboration with Shawn Parks, Founder of QMNIQBL (pronounced communicable). The occasion features large-scale architectural mobiles by Bay Area artist, Beth Naumann. This is Naumann’s Seattle debut and she will be in-store with selected works from her jewelry line Hellbent.

The evening event also features local designer Jenny Fort and her Seattle-made clothing line Lu. She and her team will be on hand for a special trunk show from the current collection of season to season pieces that are both modern and easy for women to wear.

Velouria is located at 145 S King St.