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Traffic Alert: Rock n’ Roll This Weekend

June 18, 2014  |  Announcement, Event, PI, Traffic Alert  |  No Comments


Just a reminder that the Rock n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon is this weekend.

In addition to the race on Saturday, the expo will be in Pioneer Square on Thursday and Friday.

You can check out a map and schedule of road closures on their website here:


World Cup Alley Double Header – TODAY!

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Iran v Nigeria @ 12pm
USA v Ghana @ 3pm

Bring your lunch or just drop by and watch World Cup Soccer in Nord Alley

June 12 Brazil v Croatia 01:00pm
June 13 Spain v Netherlands 12:00pm
June 16 Iran v Nigeria 12:00pm
June 16 Ghana v USA 03:00pm
June 17 Brazil v Mexico 12:00pm
June 18 Spain v Chile 12:00pm
June 19 Uruguay v England 12:00pm
June 20  Switzerland v France 12:00pm
June 22  USA v Portugal 03:00pm
June 23 Cameroon v Brazil
Croatia v Mexico
June 24 Japan v Colombia
Greece v Cote d’Ivoire
June 25 Honduras v Switzerland
Ecuador v France
June 26 USA v Germany 09:00am
June 26 Korea Republic v Belgium
Algeria v Russia
June 30 Round of 16 01:00pm
July 1 Round of 16 01:00pm
July 8 Semi Finals 01:00pm
July 9 Semi Finals 01:00pm
July 12 3rd Place 01:00pm
July 13 FINAL in Occidental Park 12:00pm

Can Seattle’s New Police Chief Nominee Make a Difference?

June 12, 2014  |  Call to Action, News, PI  |  No Comments

Last night, there was a hearing for the new police chief nominee, Kathleen O’Toole.  It was hosted in South Seattle, and I was glad to see that there was a good turnout to provide testimony and ask her and other council members to address their concerns.

Below are my prepared notes for my testimony:

My name is Jen Kelly and I am a resident of downtown Seattle and the co-chair for Downtown Seattle Families – a group of parents who advocate to make downtown Seattle a wonderful, SAFE place to live.

Part of the reason that we founded this group was the strong growth that we’re seeing downtown – with the number of families increasing by 35% since 2000.

This means that more than 1/5th of households in downtown Seattle now have children. That is great. But it could be better.

I am mom to a 2 year old daughter, and have lived in the heart of Pioneer Square for almost 6 years. We love our city and we love the things that our child gets to experience because of where we live (the waterfront, the aquarium, the SAM, and more).

But there are also many things we don’t love that make us question our choice to live where we live.

On our daily walks through our neighborhood, it doesn’t take long for my daughter and me to see violence, drug use, drug sales, public intoxication, public urination, aggressive panhandling and more. Although there are many people on our street that we don’t consider unsafe, there is often a more dangerous element that is unpredictable and feels unmonitored.  I recognize that this is just part of a larger problem, but action on what’s considered low level crime, is high impact on the ever prevalent perceptions of Pioneer Square. And what has quickly become our daily reality.

Just this week, I was walking in front of my building with my daughter and three nieces, and a very drunk woman jumped in front of them and right next to their faces, started yelling “Jesus loves you!” and tried to give the girls “gifts” out of her box of goods. They were terrified. And that is a mild example of what we see on a regular occurrence.

I know that it can get better. And I would love to stay in my neighborhood in downtown Seattle. But families like ours will only stay if things get better than they are now. If we can get our city to a place that feels safe for children and families, it will feel safe for everyone. I look forward to seeing what you can do for this city.

Thank you.

I would love to hear if you have similar (or differing!) thoughts on the matter. We have an opportunity with a new police chief to start a new conversation. If there can be changes made on the enforcement side that tie in with changes on the legal side, we may be able to see things get better. But so far, in my time on one of the more challenging blocks on Pioneer Square, we have only seen things get progressively worse.

Links from local news coverage:

King5: Seattle Police Chief Nominee Answers Questions by Public


Seattle Times: Police-chief nominee meets public, safety panel in South Seattle

Seattle PI: Seattle police chief-designate: Cops ‘demoralized,’ ‘afraid to engage’

Call to Action: Public Safety Open House

Occidental Mall

Pioneer Square Public Safety Open House

Thursday, June 12
8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
301 Occidental Ave. S

Please join the Alliance for Pioneer Square, the Pioneer Square BIA, and the Pioneer Square Residents Council to share your concerns and ideas about public safety in our neighborhood. Your input is vitally important and will be key in developing a multifaceted set of strategies regarding street civility and public safety. Those strategies will include:
Advocacy with the Mayor, Police Chief, City Departments and the City Council

  • Implementation of tools and strategies for neighborhood residents and businesses
  • Communication strategies

Help us spread the word. Share this with your co-workers, neighbors, and friends. Then mark the date on your calendar and drop by to join the conversation. This is an all-day open house format so everyone can drop by as schedules allow.

One more thing. Please take a moment to complete our survey regarding your observations and perceptions at

See you on June 12.