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Accessible Pioneer Square condo featured in new book

October 18, 2012  |  Event, PI, Residents  |  No Comments

The condo of some fantastic Pioneer Square residents (read this post here) has been profiled by an architect in a new book on accessible and inclusive housing:

“The Accessible Home” goes beyond ramps and grab-bars to help aging baby boomers, or those facing disabilities, accomplish home accessibility on a deeper level.

Architect Deborah Pierce will give a visual presentation featuring case studies from her book, “The Accessible Home: Designing for All Ages and Abilities,” from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 21 at The Seattle Public Library, Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave., Level 1, Microsoft Auditorium.

Visit the Seattle Public Library Website for more info.

Special Underworld Tour Offered for Halloween

October 17, 2012  |  Event, PI  |  No Comments

Too old for trick-or-treats? Then come in for a special R-rated Underworld Tour on Halloween, October 31. (if you’re looking for other kid-friendly Halloween events, click here)

The Underworld Tour is an adults-only stroll through the old red-light district of the abandoned, underground city that was Seattle’s birthplace.

A big-sister version of the world-famous Underground Tour, the Underworld Tour is seamier, raunchier and laugh-out-loud lewdicrous. Totally inappropriate!

Twenty-one and over only, with valid picture ID. $25 admission includes a cocktail. Tours at 7, 8 and 9 pm. Tickets may be purchased in advance online, at, and by phone at 206 682 4646; or in-person at our ticket booth at 608 First Avenue in Pioneer Square, on First Avenue, between Cherry and the James-Yesler Street junction.

For more information about the Underworld Tour and the all-ages Underground Tour, please visit

Safe Communities Meeting this Thursday

October 16, 2012  |  Call to Action, Complaining, Drugs, PI, Residents, Violence  |  1 Comment

EVENT: Safe Communities Meeting – West Precinct

DATE: October 18th from 7 – 9 PM

LOCATION: Belltown Community Center — 415 Bell Street

image from my police ride along

You are invited to participate in a community conversation hosted by the West Precinct regarding your safety concerns.

Per The Mayor’s Website: 
The Mayor’s Office and the Seattle Police Department are working together on the Safe Communities Outreach Mission. Part of the SPD 20/20 Plan, Safe Communities seeks to ensure the City is meeting our goal of reducing crime and creating the safest possible neighborhoods. We will do that by bringing residents and officers together in living rooms, cafes, barber shops and community centers across Seattle to develop a list of priorities to address community concerns.  Those priorities will then guide the actions the City, SPD, and the neighborhoods will take together to protect public safety. We are committed to building safe communities.

We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas and developing an action plan with you.

You may register by visiting:

View Chart:

Kicking Off Safe Communities:

Intrigue Chocolate’s kickstarter campaign

October 16, 2012  |  Business, Call to Action, PI  |  2 comments

Intrigue Chocolate Co. moved into their 1st floor walk-up in Pioneer Square two years ago.

Up the stairs and down the hall, you might not know it was there if a friend hadn’t told you where to look.  But ring the old-fashioned doorbell, and you’ll be greeted by a smiling face, brilliant red steel girders, gleaming stainless steel equipment, and the offer of a seasonal chocolate truffle tasting.

With the aid of local designers Jason Grube [] and Corianton Hale [], Intrigue is about to make the leap to amazing new custom packaging.  Grube and Hale had to navigate a very demanding series of obstacles, solving for flavor identification (a rotating selection of 150 flavors), temperature control, and communicating how best to savor these delicate confections.

Intrigue owners Karl Mueller and Aaron Barthel are excited to share their new look with their neighbors!  But first they have get everything printed, cut, and folded.  If you would support a local chocolate beautification project, visit their KickStarter campaign to learn more.

The chocolate shop will also be closed until mid-October for a little improvement.  Intrigue is about to have its own commercial kitchen onsite.  This means more chocolate classes, more pairing classes with wine or coffee or tea or saké, and more new seasonal chocolate truffle flavors!

Another potential new restaurant coming to Pioneer Square

October 11, 2012  |  Announcement, Business, Food, PI  |  No Comments

Seattle Weekly has the scoop on a new restaurant that may be relocating from its downtown western ave/waterfront-ish location:

Seattle’s Hill Climb pasta pro Mike Easton thinks he’s found a new space for his ultra-popular, but closet-sized lunch spot, Il Corvo.

…this would not be a second location; it would be the onlylocation for Il Corvo.

“We have an offer in on a really beautiful space down in Pioneer Square that we really like.”

Snackdown: Downtown vs. International District – go vote!

October 9, 2012  |  Call to Action, Food, Fun, PI  |  No Comments

I put this in my news roundup, but thought I would highlight it in its own post, just to give Pioneer Square an extra boost. While we love our multi-cultural neighbor, let’s show them that Pioneer Square can compete against their food options.  Nevermind that they needed four different neighborhoods (Belltown, retail core, Pioneer Square, SoDo) to go up against one — we’ll pretend this is a fair fight.

Let me also mention that right now, the International District is kicking our butt, to the tune of 93% (ID) to 7% (Downtown).  So go vote now at Seattle Weekly!

And in case you need help understanding how Pioneer Square pulls its weight, I’ll just point out a few:  Delicatus, Cafe Paloma, Il Terrazzo Carmine, Tats Deli, Salumi, Bakeman’s, Collins Pub… and many many more.



Pioneer Square in the News

October 9, 2012  |  News, PI  |  No Comments

First peek at The HUB Seattle’s home in the Masins Building (slide show) (PSBJ)
The Masins Building in Pioneer Square is about to open its doors to a new tenant: The HUB Seattle, a local extension of a global organization that seeks to connect do-gooders in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to expand networks and to create an opportunity for new ideas to bump into each other through collaboration. The Hub will share the space with Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) and Social Venture Partners (SVP).

Thirty art works this month? I’ll start them tomorrow (Crosscut)
A Pioneer Square artist has a challenge for procrastinators: Thirty pieces of art in thirty days, culminating in a group show. Ready . . . set . . . delay!

High-cost home puts mentally ill client in shelter (Seattle Times)
While charging his parents thousands of dollars for services and care, Normandy Park treatment provider Hanbleceya left Justin DeVille at a Pioneer Square homeless shelter because he hadn’t followed the strict rules at a group home.

It’s Time to Invest in a Public School in Downtown Seattle (PubliCola)
The Seattle School District, downtown Seattle stakeholders and the city of Seattle are having an overdue conversation about locating a public school in downtown. It’s an important dialogue that’s being cheered on by parents from Pioneer Square to Belltown. The opportunity to invest in a downtown public school is one we should seize upon now to alleviate elementary school overcrowding and prepare for the projected population growth downtown over the next decade.

McGinn Responds to Downtown Street Disorder Complaints (PubliCola)
Excerpt from the tourist’s letter: “I can honestly say I am more afraid of walking in downtown Seattle than Chicago. These people are unpredictable because they are either on drugs, or mentally ill. Many Cowboy fans I talked with were shocked at the filth of Seattle and the number of homeless at the Market and in Pioneer Square.”

Snackdown! Downtown vs. International District (Seattle Weekly)
This morning’s battle features the Pioneer Square-Belltown-SoDo trio taking on the neighboring International District.

Unusual weapons used in Pioneer Square confrontation (MyNorthwest)
The fight was over drugs and a woman, but the weapons used were non-traditional: A can of soup and a curtain rod.

Our little Mariners fan

October 5, 2012  |  Fun, Personal  |  No Comments

One of the reasons why we love living in Pioneer Square is the close proximity to the stadiums.  We attend (all) Sounders games, some Mariners games, and hear the crowd of the Seahawks games.  It’s actually very anti-climactic to watch any of the games on TV at home because we hear the roar of the fans and the cannons going off a few seconds before we see it happen on TV.

So of course after we had our daughter, one of the only things my husband has purchased for her was a Mariners outfit, which she wore to a game when she was just two weeks old.  At two months old, she already knew that they were the best team around:

Where to go trick-or-treating this year

October 4, 2012  |  Event  |  No Comments

I know there aren’t a ton of families in the square, but we definitely have some!  So this info is for you.

If you were looking forward to taking your kids trick-or-treating, but don’t want to leave the city to do that, the Waterfront is offering a great event this year. Go to the website here for more details:

Bring your little ghouls and goblins to Downtown Seattle’s Waterfront to trick-or-treat at over fifteen participating businesses from the Ferry Terminal to the Olympic Sculpture Park!

October 28, 2012

In addition, the Seattle Firefighters are scheduled for a show and tell with the fire apparatus between 11am and 1pm in Waterfront Park, 1301 Alaskan Way.

And all weekend long (October 26-28) enjoy Halloween Fun at the Seattle Aquarium: underwater pumpkin carving demonstrations, spooky Halloween activities, and fun treats!

Stay tuned for more details including a downloadable treasure map for the event day!

New Restaurant coming to Occidental Mall

October 3, 2012  |  Announcement, Business  |  No Comments

A few weeks ago, the Stranger wrote about an exciting new restaurant coming soon to Pioneer Square’s Occidental Mall:

A great chef opening a place in Pioneer Square—home of many lovely art galleries, and many par-TAY-ing clubs/bars, and some very fine sandwiches, and an odd number of carpet merchants, and diverse hoboes, and the city’s most marvelous architecture—this is just a great thing.

Matt Dillon, owner of Sitka and Spruce, and the Corson Building, is opening Bar Sajor on the southwest corner of Occidental Mall.  He has been frequenting Caffe Umbria, talking to everyone and anyone about his exciting new plans. Not only does it sound like it will have some delicious food (“flatbread, simple roasted vegetables, housemade yogurt, a little raw or cured seafood”), but he plans on having a to-go window for quick take out.

Not only that, but I hear rumors that there are plans for more exciting food businesses that want to open in Occidental Mall that will give it more of a Melrose Market type feel.  Stay tuned…