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Grand Opening of MYB design

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Whoops.. it was on Sunday, November 28th at 1pm. I feel bad about missing that… BUT! There are more events coming up involving Mia Yoshira-Bradshaw Design (222 1st Ave S) that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, Dec 2- Artwalk

Sunday, Dec 5 and Sunday, Dec 12
Handmade With Love
Featuring $5 items, Artist Demos, Free Gift Wrapping and Refreshments.
Receive a beautifully decorated take-out box to fill while shopping


Seattle Storefronts, Round Two

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This coming First Thursday will be the beginning of the second phase of Storefronts Seattle’s pilot program. Starting December 2nd, seven new art installations and two new creative businesses will make their temporary homes in vacant storefronts in Seattle’s Pioneer Square and Chinatown-International District neighborhoods. These artists and art groups are joining five existing creative enterprises that moved to empty storefronts in September 2010 when the first phase of Storefronts Seattle launched.

Storefronts Seattle’s new phase also introduces three new commercial spaces used by artists, making a total of thirteen participating storefronts in both neighborhoods. These spaces house a variety of projects including a fine woodworking store, a crochet and wood installation and a large-scale metal prehistoric landscape. For your reference, I included below a partial list of artists and their respective storefronts.

To know more about Storefronts Seattle, please visit Let me know if you have any questions or would like any additional information.

Residencies and Creative Enterprises (Second Round)
Mathew Richter, XOM Fine Woodworking, 610 2nd Avenue
XOM will use the storefront to display new works and prototypes to the public. Richter will consult with clients in the space and design and install new pieces on a rotating basis.

Mia Yoshihara-Bradshaw, 222 First Ave S
Yoshihara-Bradshaw will use the Storefronts Seattle space to create, showcase and sell her paper-based artwork, along with pieces from other local artists. Utilizing a unique self-taught paper-cutting technique combined with other techniques, Yoshihara-Bradshaw creates original Japanese-themed cards, stationary, binder clips, pens and fine art.

Installations (Second Round)
Ben Zamora & Etta Lilienthal, 409 Maynard Ave S (upper)
Zamora and Lilienthal’s interest lies in reforming the viewer’s perceptions of a particular space by shifting the shape of the viewing aperture. The artists will install a series of portals of varying degrees of opacity into a storefront window space. The installation will track time via the changes and movement of the light across these layered portals.

Celeste Cooning, 501 Maynard Ave S
Cooning works with cut paper, ranging from intimate cut-paper collage to large-scale installations. Her process runs parallel to her philosophical belief in the eternal need for the human spirit to work.

James Barker, 312 Occidental
As his Storefronts Seattle installation, Barker will create a three-dimensional painting. As viewers walk from side to side of this painting, they can notice different creatures, plants and how the action of one creature can send a chain reaction to others.

Paul McKee, 409 Maynard Ave S (lower)
McKee’s paintings and sculptures freeze the urban activity in order to savor it slowly. For Storefronts Seattle, he will develop each windowpane, slowly letting its shapes and associations determine the style and technique of executions in order to reframe the visual experience.

Tom Maul & Robert Hutchison, Tashiro-Kaplan Building basement
The conceptual starting points of Maul and Hutchison’s installation for Storefronts Seattle are “communication” and “connection”. From these concepts, the artists will develop one of the simplest forms of communication and connection: two empty cans tethered together with a string.

Continuing Creative Enterprises (First and Second Rounds)
Christa Thomas, Brite Collective (676 S Jackson St)
Thomas is the founder of Brite Collective, a forum and a series of spontaneous and fun design events to stimulate, inspire, and unite the Seattle design community. For Storefronts Seattle, Thomas creates a “pop-up” social space where artists and creative people can show up and immerse themselves in projects created collectively without a preplanned agenda.

Dora Taylor, Architecture 101 (601 S King St)
Architect Dora Taylor teaches hands-on introductory courses on architecture to elementary and high school students. The Storefronts Seattle program provides a bigger space for Dora to run her after-school classes for grades 3-12.

LUKE Haynes (604 2nd Ave)
Haynes experiments with the ways fabric can be used to create images while still maintaining its foundation of use and function. His quilts engage with the binary views of issues within American culture, exploring figural images that reference gender roles, nostalgia and iconography. Haynes uses his storefront for a showroom and studio.

Charlie Martin, Seattle Pinball Museum (508 Maynard Ave S)
Pinball hobbyist Martin has been collecting pinball machines for a few years and has a vision of founding a Seattle Pinball Museum. In his Storefronts project, Martin facilitates a rotating exhibition of these machines while the public has the opportunity to receive instruction on maintaining, playing or restoring these works of kinetic art.

Jen Domeier, VIDEA (666 S Jackson St)
VIDEA is a collective of six video artists using the latest in real-time animation and live video mixing techniques. Storefronts Seattle provides the artists the place they need to meet, collaborate and develop their projects.

Crosscut Holiday Open House

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You are cordially invited to the Crosscut Holiday Open House

Thursday, December 2 5 – 8 pm
105 S Main Street, Suite 330 – enter on S Main
Corner of 1st S & S Main in Pioneer Square
(former location of Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Join Crosscut members, writers, and staff in our new office in the historic Globe Building.

Refreshments served.

Combine your visit with the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square, 6 – 9 pm.

Details at

Please RSVP at or (206)382-6137

Pioneer Square in the News

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The Christmas Tree being set up in Pioneer Square (!)

Photo by Lisa Dixon of TAPS


Crosscut has been all over Pioneer Square  ever since moving down to the neighborhood (and I love it!):

How to revive Pioneer Square (Crosscut – guest post)
“Lessons in urbanism from New Orleans, Paris, and Boston. Plus, signs of how the recession is winnowing an oversupply or shops and letting the good ones flourish.”

Lessons from Black Friday (Crosscut)
“On Friday, Black Friday as it’s called for retailers, I chose to take a trip to Pioneer Square with my daughter and new grand-daughter. The first thing I noticed, about midday, was that our fears about finding a parking place were mistaken. Lots of easy parking on the streets. The next concern, could we find a place for lunch, also evaporated. Caffe Umbria, my favorite coffee shop in the Square, had only a handful of customers, and we were treated with all kinds of attention. Magic Mouse Toys, on the other hand, was bustling, with what I took to be lots of visiting relatives and browsers.”

Seattle should dig into its past (Crosscut)
“The case for more and better urban archaeology is more important than ever as Seattle prepares for such major projects as a waterfront tunnel and a new Highway 520 floating bridge. Pith helmets, everyone?”

Don’t raise the height limits in Pioneer Square (Crosscut)
This would be the opposing view to why we shouldn’t raise the height limits. I don’t personally agree, but go read it and form your own opinion.

Sizing Up South Downtown (PubliCola)
“South Downtown’s biggest challenge is that much of the area lacks the full spectrum of uses that make up a complete neighborhood. Most importantly, there is a shortage of housing, and in particular, market-rate housing. The city is considering new zoning to help change that; but the proposal may not reflect local economic realities.”

Disappearing acts in Pioneer Square (Real Change)
Documenting Pioneer Square, a photo essay by Jim Gupta-Carlson

It’s easier than ever to support your neighbors by shopping locally online (NWSource)
Deli featured… (even though their PSq shop isn’t functioning as a clothing store right now).


Congratulations Neil & Jill!! (Barbie Hull photography)


Tons of things happening this week with 1st Thursday! There are new Storefronts opening, new businesses, and current business / galleries doing great holiday features. Check out the calendar for more info.

Thanksgiving in Pioneer Square

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If you are someone who needs help this Thanksgiving or know of someone, check out the information below:

On Thanksgiving Day, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission expects to serve an estimated 1,200 meals. In September, the Mission launched its third annual One Meal … One Hope Campaign with a goal of serving 164,000 meals by December 31.

318 2nd Ave. Ext. S. (corner of Washington St.)
4:30 a.m. – Kitchen manager and president of the Mission available for interviews
5 a.m. – Volunteers prepare an egg, sausage, bacon, and toast breakfast.
7 a.m. – Breakfast begins and will conclude around 8:30 a.m.
5 p.m. – Traditional turkey dinners served to anyone walking through our doors

Although they don’t need any volunteer help on Thanksgiving Day, they do on “the other 364 days.”


Bread of Life is also serving Thanksgiving Meals tomorrow at 11:30am, 3:30pm and 7:30pm. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Mia Campbell at

There are also plenty of other volunteer opportunities around Seattle — check out United Way’s page.

Reduced Transit Service over Thanksgiving Holiday and Friday

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From Commute Seattle:

If you’re traveling around town via transit on Thursday or Friday this week, be aware that most Puget Sound agencies are operating on Sunday or reduced services schedules around the Thanksgiving holiday.

Metro busses, Sound Transit Express Bus Service and Central Link and Tacoma Link lines will operate on a Sunday schedule. The Sounder train, Kitsap Transit and KC Water Taxi services will not be in operation on Thursday.

Metro Transit: Sunday schedule
ST Express buses: Sunday schedule
Sounder: no service
Central Link: Sunday schedule
Tacoma Link: Sunday schedule
KC Water Taxi: no service

Sound Transit Express Buses, Link Light Rail, Kitsap Transit, and Sounder trains will be running on normal weekday schedule. KC Metro busses will be operation on a reduced weekday schedule. Regular fares apply for all weekday scheduled routes.

Metro Transit: Reduced weekday schedule
ST Express buses: weekday schedule
Sounder: weekday schedule
Central Link: weekday schedule
Tacoma Link: weekday schedule
KC Water Taxi: no service

Looking forward – Metro’s reduced weekday schedule will be in effect on:

  • Friday, Nov. 26 – day after Thanksgiving
  • Friday, Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve
  • Monday-Friday, Dec. 27-31 – winter holiday period, including New Year’s Eve
  • Monday, Jan. 17 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On days with reduced weekday schedules, some commuter and school-oriented routes do not operate, and other routes will have individual trips canceled. Many routes will have no changes.

A complete list of routes that are canceled or have trip cancellations on holidays can be found on Metro Online.

+ more snow

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Although it was bitter cold last night, Pioneer Square was gorgeous — with no cars, and almost no people, the neighborhood was quiet and peaceful:

A neighborhood covered in snow

November 22, 2010  |  Fun, PI  |  No Comments

Although the weather is wreaking havoc on the city and the surrounding neighborhoods, it makes for stunning views of our neighborhood.

The only thing that could make it better would be if we already had a Christmas tree up and decorated!

South Downtown on PubliCola

November 22, 2010  |  Announcement, Call to Action, PI  |  No Comments

Check out the recent post on PubliCola discussing the zoning changes to South Downtown:

Seattle’s South Downtown is a complicated place.

With access to light rail, commuter rail, Amtrak, buses, ferries, and a future streetcar, it is the most important transit hub in Seattle, if not the entire Pacific Northwest. It is located next door to the region’s largest job center to the north, and to Seattle’s central waterfront to the west. It encompasses the Chinatown/International District, the social nucleus of multiple Asian cultures in Seattle. It is home to a disproportionately high concentration of low-income housing and social services, as well as Seattle’s largest aggregation of historic buildings.

To read the rest of the article, click here, and don’t forget to stop by Wing Luke Museum tonight at 5:30pm to share your opinion of their changes.

Also, in response to the extreme weather conditions today, Sally Clark’s staff sent out this email:

Councilmember Clark recognizes that due to the challenging weather some people who wish to testify may not be able to travel to the hearing. If you are not able to attend tonight, you may also testify at any Committee on the Built Environment meeting that has your item of interest on the agenda. The next COBE meeting for both the South Downtown Neighborhoods legislation and the update to the Multifamily Code will begin at 9:00am, Tuesday, November 30, 2010 in Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall. You may also send comments in writing to Councilmember Clark and the other members of the Council at any time. Contact information for each of the councilmembers can be found here.

Pioneer Square in the News

November 22, 2010  |  News, PI  |  2 comments

New incentives would spur growth in Pioneer Square (Crosscut)
New higher zoning limits are coming to Pioneer Square and the south downtown Seattle neighborhoods. These changes are long overdue, as Pioneer Square has languished in economic stagnation for the past two decades. But will these changes achieve the desired effect of bringing more residents to these neighborhoods without harming the existing urbanscape?

First Call: Pioneer Square’s Pool-Hall Refuge (Seattle Weekly)
A review of Temple Billiards.

Stonington Gallery exhibit features jewelry from Northwest Coast masters (NW Source)
“Stonington Gallery in Pioneer Square represents the finest contemporary artists from the Pacific Northwest Coast. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the gallery is currently featuring a collection of select jewelry pieces from a group of master jewelers of the Northwest Coast, both native and non-native.”


Here’s Your One Chance to Tell the State What You Think About the Deep-Bore Tunnel (SLOG)
Go read some of the state’s bleak findings, how it’s going to affect our neighborhood. You have until Dec 13th to write them a letter! Small actions to make (hopefully) a big difference.

Bottomfeeder: Luigi’s Little Italy (Seattle Weekly)
Amid Seattle’s ongoing quest for political correctness, it’s important to acknowledge that stereotypes exist for a reason. To wit: Al Boccalino owner Luigi DeNunzio looks and talks exactly how you’d expect a guy named Luigi to look and talk.

Magnetic Fauna (Cloud Nectar)
Visit ELYSIAN FIELDS in Pioneer Square (Seattle, U.S.A.), from now until the end of 2010 to see this artist’s biggest solo show yet.

Real Wedding: Merryl + Neil’s Green Wedding (Green Wedding Shoes)
The Wedding Dress pictured was created by Chrissy Wai Ching (modified from her Zolotova dress), who is located in Pioneer Square.

John Hay students showcase art at police precinct (Queen Anne View)
John Hay students are showcasing their art at the Something Old, Something New thrift store in Pioneer Square (located at 3rd and Washington), and the downtown police precinct at 810 Virginia Street.