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Mobile Chowdown V this Friday!

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Mobile Chowdown is coming to Qwest Field north parking lot on Friday, October 1st. Gates open at 5 pm!

To see a list of vendors that will be there, click here.

Shamila Fine Jewelry Trunk Show to Benefit the Power of Hope!

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Shamila is a jeweler who was one of the vendors at the Seattle Square this summer. Leslie Haynes-Earle is a resident who was recently featured on the blog for guerrilla gardening in the neighborhood.

Coming down to the market every Saturday to shop, Leslie “fell in love with Shamila’s jewelry.” They started talking about their previous work in nonprofits and philanthropy, and before you know it, they had plans for a trunk show that would benefit The Power of Hope non-profit organization.

It’s coming up next Thursday (with a million other events planned that day), October 7th, from 5pm – 9pm. If you’re interested in attending, RSVP to or

Metro Transit preps for construction disruption in 2011

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Starting this February, Metro will be changing many bus routes that service downtown, Pioneer Square and the SODO area because of the long-term construction work for the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement program.

Because the construction period is expected to last anywhere from 6 – 8 years, Metro is trying to make strategic changes now, instead of changing bus routes throughout the duration of the construction, which could be frustrating and confusing for transit users.

With that in mind, starting next February Metro will divert much of its downtown service away from First Avenue between Edgar Martinez Drive and Broad Street. Most of these bus routes will move to Third Avenue. It will also result in some changes for bus travel on Second and Fourth avenues, as some routes are moved there to accommodate the bus changes on First and Third.

The partner agencies are asking for everyone’s help in reducing the number of vehicles on the roads during construction. Buses, trains, vanpools and carpools will be a good option for people who must travel to and through these areas. And, there is also telecommuting, biking (yeah!) or walking.

More information about which bus routes are affected and how they change will be available on Metro Online this fall. Most of these changes start Feb. 5, 2011, although a few could begin in January depending on construction schedules.

These changes are separate from any revisions in Metro’s fall service change that start in a few weeks on Oct. 2.

Pioneer Square in the News

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Seattle man tackles global poverty (Seattle Times)
With a shoestring budget and an all-volunteer staff, the 32-year old Anacortes native and Washington State University grad (with offices based in Pioneer Square) has become a vocal political advocate for people without a voice. [note — couldn’t they have used a better photo of the guy?]

Water taxi rams pier; seven sent to hospital (Seattle PI)
The West Seattle water taxi rammed a historic landing Sunday in downtown Seattle at full speed, injuring seven passengers and unleashing chaos on the downtown waterfront just ahead of the Seahawks game.

The Steaks of Philadelphia (Seattle Weekly)
SW’s Food writer, Jason Sheehan, reviews The Original Philly’s two thumbs down and Tat’s two thumbs up!

Don’t Compromise The Central Waterfront By Ruling Out Development (PubliCola)
It will be no small task to transform today’s central waterfront into the kind of vibrant, diverse, comfortable urban public space that everyone wants. But we might as well give up now if we can’t beyond our collective fear of allowing thoughtful redevelopment to be a part of the reinvention of one of Seattle’s greatest assets.
[also, check out the conversation in the comment section regarding Pioneer Square + how development on the water would go a long way to add much-needed density to our neighborhood]

‘It’s an awesome responsibility, and it’s a privilege’ (Komo4 News)
Pres Obama’s visit to Pioneer Square was followed by a sonic boom from the Oregon Air National Guard. This report takes a deeper look at the national guard + their fighter jets.

Four good reasons to become a Crosscut Member (Crosscut)
Hidden note in the article — Crosscut is moving to Pioneer Square on October 13th! Wonder where they are going…. Elliott Bay’s space, maybe? Above their space?


Charge: Drug sting target tried to steal from undercover cop (Seattle 911)
A Seattle man accused of trying to steal would-be drug money from an undercover police officer in Pioneer Square has been charged with felony theft.

Don’t Drink Turpenoid: An Interview with the Folks At Super Art Gallery X17! (Seattle PI reader blog)
Deep in the heart of Seattle’s historic Western 619 building, X17 shows the best work by the best of Seattle’s Alternative elite, every first Thursday during Pioneer Square’s Monthly Art Walk!

Editor’s Note:
Last Saturday was the last weekend for The Seattle Square Saturday Market! Every Saturday, there were at least 2 – 3 wedding groups that come through to get their photos taken. The volunteers would usually get together to comment on the bride’s dress, the 5-inch stilettos, the bridesmaid dresses (some crazy ones out there!), etc.

I always look for the blog posts about them to share, but only ever find a couple — if you’re a photographer, email them to me, and I’ll post them. In the meantime, here’s a cool photo from one that was taken back in June by Azzura Photography:

Local artist + Metropole mural painter needs your help!

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[Note: If you haven’t been following the Metropole adventures, you can catch up here and here]

Jeff Johnson, aka “Weirdo,” is the fantastic artist behind the new Metropole building mural that is currently in progress.

A local business owner recently commented that it will be great to see people emerging out of the bus tunnel and bam! Instead of seeing wood panels and fencing, “there will be this fantastic work of art, full of life and color.”

While the ideal option would be for the building to be renovated and help revitalize the corner, it’s not an option right now. But this is definitely the second best option!

The one challenge is that it takes a lot of money to cover the whole front of the 1st floor in paint — the final size of the mural is about 100 ft long and over 17 feet tall!

Jeff has set up a donation website in order to raise more money to cover the costs.  The minimal fee to donate? Just one dollar (but they are of course accepting any amount that people can afford).

As of this posting, he has raised just over $1000 — only 20% of his goal of $5,000. So please, go check out his donation website and be a part of not only the artistic community, but the neighborhood as well.

For further information on the artist or the project, please contact the artist, project coordinator and its managers at or check out the links below:

Forgotten Works Challenge 2010

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The Forgotten Works is seeking artists interested in participating in the “Forgotten Works Challenge 10” This year is very special as it is their 10th anniversary!

Check out previous Challenges here

The Forgotten Works Challenge is an open group show.  Participating artists will be given 30 days to produce 30 pieces of artwork.  The Forgotten Works will provide each artist with 30 canvases, only the provided canvases will be accepted.  Each participating artist must return all 30 finished pieces (incomplete or late entries will not be accepted).

All artwork will be for sale for $40 and the gallery will take a one third commission on all sales.  There is a $75 entry fee (to cover the costs of so many canvases, and hanging supplies)

Deadline: December 31, 2010

For more information contact:
Charles Holzhey at forgottenworkschallenge@gmail.­com

SPU Students Start New School Year Volunteering in Pioneer Square

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Founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University is a premier Christian university that equips people to engage the culture and change the world. Its comprehensive academic program serves 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Nearly 800 freshmen and transfer students at SPU will experience their first day of college off campus — fixing up houses, removing graffiti, cleaning up parks, and countless other projects throughout Seattle. This annual community service orientation called “CityQuest” is one way students live out the SPU mission of “engaging the culture and changing the world.”

On Saturday, September 25, from 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. SPU students and staff will be at the Union Gospel Mission Men’s Shelter in Pioneer Square where they will be cleaning and organizing within the shelter and serving lunch to homeless guests.

(image credit)

CityQuest brings together students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni to work in more than 30 different community service projects throughout Seattle. For more information on Seattle Pacific University’s CityQuest in your neighborhood, call SPU’s news and media relations manager Tracy Norlen at 206-281-2977.

PARK(ing) Day in Pioneer Square

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PARK(ing) Day was originally started in 2005 by REBAR, a San Francisco design studio. Last year, there were 700 parks in 140 cities, 21 countries, and 6 continents. And so far, the organization thinks that it was even bigger this year, including parks that appeared in cities like Tehran and Paris for the first time.

To add a little scandal to the PARK vs. parking situation, there were PARKs this year that were actually being shut down and people who were told that they couldn’t use public parking spots as parks. (link + link)

Down in Pioneer Square, there were two architecture firms that participated in the event.

(As posted earlier this week) Miller Hull set up their PARK at Yesler + Western with a sculpture of tires and a dance floor made from recycled cardboard that featured local musicians and salsa dancing. When we arrived, groups of people were sitting on the tires and the dance floor, and two couples even got up and started dancing.

We then headed over to the southeast corner of Occidental Ave, where Olson Kundig Architects had set up their own PARK. They rolled out grass, had [amazing!] benches made from reclaimed barn wood (made just for the event), a barrel with umbrellas in case of rain, and a string attached from their 6th story window to a cymbal.

Besides coveting the benches, I couldn’t figure out what the cymbal was for, until a piece of paper came flying down and hit the cymbal with a “ding!”

Then I saw the sign that advertised free sketches from one of their architects. Awesome.

As I was with two colleagues (one architect + one urban planner), we asked for a sketch of a group of architects. At first, I expected a stick figure drawing to come flying down within a minute or so, but when it was became longer than 10 minutes, I knew a masterpiece must be coming. Or perhaps Tom Kundig himself was doing the sketch for us.

But when our “ding” finally came, we unwrapped the sketch, not by Tom Kundig, but by someone named Jorge.

As we walked away from their park and headed back to work, I thought of how great it was that groups could claim spaces normally used for cars and turn them into spaces for people.

We also now have a cool sketch hanging in our office.

TAPS seeking planning & design consultant for Pioneer Square historic trail

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Please see changes to time + Q&A location below.

The Alliance for Pioneer Square Seeks Planning & Design Consultant Services
Planning and design services for development of master plan phase of the Trail to Treasure historic, interpretive trail project in Pioneer Square, Seattle.

Submissions due: Thursday October 7th at 4:00 pm

Submit RFQ to: The Alliance for Pioneer Square, Seattle WA 98104, (206) 667-0687, email Liz Stenning

Scope: Provide professional planning, design, cost estimates, graphic design, branding, and public meeting facilitation for the development of a historic urban walking trail in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. This work builds upon the Concept Plan completed in August 2010.

Q & A session: Tuesday Sept. 28, 12:00 pm, at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (2nd Ave S & S Jackson St). Please RSVP to by noon, Sept. 27.

Download full RFQ at

Email for further questions:

Pioneer Square in the News

September 20, 2010  |  News, PI  |  1 Comment

What a pretty picture … OMG, what’s happening in it, you’ll ask, at 2 Seattle shows (Seattle Times)
Artists Gabriel Manca and Timothy Siciliano put dark twists on seemingly whimsical subject matter in two new gallery shows in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

Where Ya At: Creole truck rolls out hot beignets, po’boys, gumbos (Seattle Times)
Where Ya At, the latest mobile food truck in this food-truck-crazed town, serves up Creole soul food, hot beignets and fried-oyster po’boys for lunch at various locations (including the Pioneer Square’s Saturday Market)

Spotlight on: Swype (RCR Wireless)
Less than a block from the waterfront and ferry terminal, Swype Inc. is still settling into its new digs near this city’s historic Pioneer Square. Having moved in to its new headquarters just a few weeks ago, there is plenty of room for the company to grow into its space that takes up the entire second floor here at Columbia Street and Western Avenue.


Pioneer Square struggles to imagine a future (The Big Blog)
[I don’t think we’re struggling to imagine a future — I just think we need more help to get there.]

Don’t Drink Turpenoid: An Interview with the Folks At Super Art Gallery X17! (Seattle PI)

Billie Sue + Bobby Engagement Session (John & Joseph)